Visionary leaders


In the world we live in it would be difficult to imagine a world of leaders who could not foresee the role they play in shaping the functions of human behavior. Leaders must stand up as defenders of what is right even when it is unpopular; they have to be able to stand alone when all hell is breaking lose around them. Be that as it may, to have leaders who are unprepared and show themselves to be novices only corrupts the positions for which were elected to serve. We need visionary leaders in this twenty first century who find it easy to do the right leading by example for for others to follow.

A visionary leader is respectful of his team members. He empowers them to come up with different ideas that will help the organization to succeed. They will feel empowered knowing that their opinions matters. Give them the power of self worth. In other words, what I am doing or what I am contributing to matters. It is comforting when you can see that you play a part in making a difference in people’s lives.

It is not difficult to understand that a visionary leader must do his best to inspire others to succeed. You might be popular within your scope of associates but how much are you able to motivate others into a rightful way of moving forward while maintaining the success they were promised? Your job is to motivate everyone to greatness even if they might not see as you see. They must want in some way to be a part of the catalyst for change not the path to destruction and deception. 

A visionary leader should be a good communicator; be able to get his point of view across while maintains a good balance in leadership. They knows how to verbalize their dreams and goals and do so to their team. In this age of social media, it is never the smartest thing to always go to social media before having an audience with your team. Communication is not a one sided thing. He most be a good listener. It is great to always involve your team in helping to reach your milestone while advancing your dreams.

I find that visionary leaders are also charismatic leaders. They possess a special Majic that makes you want to move on their words. To always criticize the mistakes of others is to turn off those who would have otherwise be an asset to you. Many leaders fail for lack of lack of foresight and self control. A leader is a good organizer being able to see their own weaknesses and put the right person in place to fulfill the roles that you might not be able to fulfill. Visionary leaders are risk takers. Failing to take risk can sometimes lead to failure. There are times when you have to stop thinking and get to doing even when you are all alone in your decision. Others might not always see what you see and they are alway skeptical of the move you make however, staying on course and fulfilling your purpose will help to convince them of your intents. Sometimes you have to gamble and take the risk in order to advance the cause.

Be strategic in your planning. Look at the market and the trends and be able to move at the right moment even when it is unpopular to do so. Define where the organization is headed and stay the course. You cannot be afraid to take risk. The good book say,“he that always observe the seasons will not sow.” Ignore the season and plant your seed even in bad times then when things turn around your will be the first to capitalize on the increase. Put things in place to give you the truss forward in success. In other words create an action plan for success. A visionary leader is willing to delegate responsibility. They do not think that they have to do it to get it done. They must possess trust in their team and realize its a team effort; if one succeed all succeed but if one fail, all bears the responsibility for failure.

Finally I saw he that observe the season will not sow and therefore, is not in the position to reap. The trends you set today will determine your success or failure tomorrow. Be a visionary leader and help others become great! Visionary leaders: inspire, motivate and give guidance and hope . They’re meaning makers. Happy twenty nineteen! Be motivated to to take the leap and jump to success!


A Nation in distress;too numb to perceive.

Should it become a case of bewilderment or a time of abandonment? The charge is left for us to sort through. The case is closed and the jury has returned with the verdict. Just as that infamous case of the pass when some gasp in unbelief, the ghost has returned to haunt us just like the Halloween masquerade of the past all wrapped in a mask. I say it is too late for those who are mourning the lost and the hopelessness and a feeling of despair. It is time to awake the sleeping giant, mobilize; don’t just sit in despair looking for someone to blame for your inadequacy, lack of vision and foresight.

Can anyone imagine that in a modern day where information is key and is at your own fingertips that we have so much disconnect. It is said that at least forty percent of the folks who are eligible to do so did not vote! What travesty? May I ask the question: why? Why bombard the cities making a mess trying to create tension when you were given a chance to change the outcome but failed in your civic duty? It makes no sense to me!

Are we disappointed? Yes, we are! But it is time to move on lick your wounds dust yourself off and begin to mobilize. Don’t be caught off guard when the ball is in your court. This message might be simple but it is sure and it is short; “Get over it.” We have a nation to build and a country to mold. Let’s look at the brighter side or we will live in despair. The race is not for the swift or the battle for the strong but for the ones who endures.

My message is give love a chance! It will be the force that break all barriers, the cure to every pain and the material to rebuild with after the storm has passed. I would like to use the words of my friends Skillet who I find very interesting as a musical group. They speak to the things that move me.

“I am a nation’ I am a million faces, formed together, made for elevation I am a soldier, I won’t surrender. Faith is like a fire that never burns to embers (Who’s gonna stand up, who’s gonna fight?) The voice the unheard. (Who is gonna break those chains and lies?) Love is the answer. I gotta speak it, believe it, that’s how I feel inside. I, I, can’t, can’t sit here quiet.” “This is how we rise up. Heavy as a hurricane, louder than a freight train.”

With all the distress of the events taking place, let us all hope for a great future in which all human kine will exist in peace and harmony making the globe a better place. Let us end this year with the joys of the season knowing that Christ came to give us life and that more abundantly.

Just What Are You Saying?

It is incredible to think that for more than eight and a half billion years this universe has been in existence without us realizing that the environment has lost its most important elements and are now rotating in the wrong direction. It has fast become a myriad of social injustice and behavioral malfunction that causes the essence of belonging to overtake the vision for scientific advancement.  With this said, I am just trying to grab your attention to the effect of words spoken or words written. Thou it sound very sophisticated the question is, Just what am I saying?

Words are important; it is all we hear every day. We become over whelmed by what we hear; words have the power to create an environment that will change the course of history. Your words create impressions. It says something about the one speaking. It is often misunderstood, ridiculed and ignored; as a result it creates barrier to wholesome dialogs.

Words carefully chosen will do wonders: they will get folks caring about the things we care about, crying with emotions or laughing senselessly at jokes meant to cheer us up. The power of words can make us fall in love; soothe our aching hearts. Trades are made through contracts and persuasion. It is the way we reach out to those we target when we want to accomplish our goals. The power of words can build friendship or tear down emotions resulting in the creation of enemies; it can change the world and the course of history.

In light of this knowledge, have you ever asked yourself; just what am I saying? It is time to stop and think; it’s time to evaluate! The word says, “The power of life and death is in the tongue.” It is time to speak life not just to your neighbors but also to yourselves. Consider what you have said for the past year. Look at the result of what you have planted! Does it even bother you that what is happening in your life or relationship is a direct result of your own words? So I will ask once again: Just what are you saying?

I know this might be a strange topic to think about but it is something we all have to face every day. Remember the time when your confidence was at its peak? You spoke to yourself because you had a goal in mind; you could envision yourself accomplishing that goal. Why was it so? You spoke life into your situation and things happened. It might have surprised you but you spoke it and it came to pass. This was the power of words spoken.

Can I challenge you to think for a moment about the power of words? This world with all of its beauty was created with words. God said, Let there be light and it was so. He created this earth by speaking words and His words came to life and set things into motion. Similarly He has given us that ability to change our direction and to make a difference. Speak words of power over your situation and watch the result of the words you have spoken!

Do you remember that old adage: “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can do me no harm?” Now that you have grown and reflect on the pass and what words have done: what do you think? Words create fear, anger, hurt and it makes you sad. Don’t be manipulated by words work through the clutter and speak over the voices of hurt and fears.

It is incredible what words will do. You can take control of your destiny just by transforming your vocabulary; change the quality of life which in turn affects your environment. Don’t be a sadder (I don’t know if there is such a word but just remember that I made it up) or you will make everyone sad. Be a joy and a lightning rod and watch a fire of delight burn around you and the ones you associates with.

Finally I will stir your mind to think of the situation of Joseph when he was in prison in Egypt. Because of the words of one who sought to control his destiny he was placed into the prison cell; he did not lose hope. He continued to dream of the day when he would be release however that day seemed far away. Through providence he spoke into the lives of his cell mates and was eventually forgotten. His words stood the test of time when one day it was his time to speak again. He spoke life into dead situation and was placed into the highest position of power in the land. Those who did not want to hear him came bowing and begging all because of the power of words.

Please do not fail to realize that words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception. Therefore I will say to, words have meaning, but it has no power unless the perceived mental state of an individual gives power to the words spoken and is being been heard. I will say sticks and stones can break my bones but words can do great harm! Speak words of life and watch as things and situations transform.

Are you part of the team?

The team is composed of people with common goals and ideals or purpose. They should complement each other. When you form a team it is a part of a very complex organization which come together to tackle common issues and create solution to whatever their task, goals or vision. The goal of the team should always be to win, to carry out successful task with strategies that reflect results that are tangible.

In life there are different types of team. However which one you might be attracted to is a matter of choice. There are independent teams and interdependent teams. The concept is what sets them apart; how we view them depends on our ideal of the team and the spirit with which we become attached. In my view teams should set themselves apart from the ordinary! They should be focus and steadfast and diligent in what they do. Be it independent or interdependent.

We all know of the power of sports and the individualistic nature in which we become ingrained with our support for the same. Everybody wants their team to win however it takes support and team spirit and effort for them to win. With much organization and guidance from a coach and manager the team will succeed. However team spirit is also important! If the members of the team is not in harmony and conflict is brewing there will chaos and division. This in itself will be the downfall of any structure since coöperation will be a thing of the past.

What are the qualities of a good team and how do we judge what we see or know about a team? I must take a look at a team that we might tend to overlook but I am most interested in knowing much about. Please pardon my bias but I choose to use this information for my reference. For three and a half years this fellow built a ministry and chooses twelve men who would go with him as trainee for future mission. How did they do? I would say very well under the circumstance which they work. These men were from different background and social status but they were able to put their differences aside and look at the bigger picture.  They created such influence that it is still impacting the world today. They were interdependent and they knew the art of being a team player.  However looking back on their influence, they accomplished such because of their team leader and their willingness to carry out the task assigned. These men acted with confidence and were willing to learn everything.

Whenever you have to choose a team member I believe it is important to look for persons who will fit the makeup of the team. Ask yourself; what are the qualities that fit the organization? Depending on what is to be accomplished you would make your choice base on the information that was presented.

First and foremost I would pick someone who I can count on; someone who is reliable and committed; one who follows through and finishes assignments. I was a part of a band that plays music; one of my greatest disappointments was dealing with members who were not committed. When there is no commitment it retard progress and eventually leads to abandonment of the vision.

If you want to be a good team player and a leader, you have to be willing to speak up and express your thoughts and ideas clearly, honestly, and with respect for others. In other words you have to communicate constructively!

I know this is an era when everyone wants to be heard and we are all clamoring for first place but you have to be willing to listen. Be a good listener! When I go on the job and I am given an assignment by the boss, I listen actively to understand the instructions given. Don’t be quick to hear and slow to listen because you could miss the mark and fold up the instructions given. There are times when because of lack of understanding and communication arguments brews that could have been avoided if the team was actively listening.  Listening first and speaking second helps to creates meaningful dialogues.

Looking back at the twelve men who turn the world upside down, one thing could be said of them; they were active participants. They followed instructions and fully engaged in the work of leading men and women to their leader. They help to make things happen; they were not sitting on the side line waiting to see who would make the first move. They shared everything in common. They were gatherers together and not separators. It was we and us instead of me and I!

Take a look at the contrast. Independent teams don’t accomplish as much. Yes, they try and some have made huge success of their independence but you must always remember the saying: Two is better than one because if the other falls someone is there to pick him up! I would like to endorse the interdependent team because it helps to create a unique atmosphere for coöperation, progress and responsibility!

It might be said that they were only men of low esteem but they stock with their leader and help to make things happen. They traveled far and wide delivering the message of hope and love turning lives upside down. The crowd followed their every move some were even fed when there was not enough food to feed the crowd.

They cooperated in the work acting together to carry out the task they had to fulfill. I am sure they had their differences but they push those aside to make a difference with the team. They help to solve problems and stay in tune with their leader even under much pressure. As team players they remained flexible and adoptive to change! They were committed and engaged and they gave their very best.

My question is as always; are you a part of the team? This is the time to think about your commitment and get up off the fence to join forces. We are an army of survivors marching to the finish line. The battle is raging but the victory has already been won so join the team and take control of your destiny!



I am a visionary with a vision for our world; it would make this earth a better and safer place to live. It is my hope that everyone would share in this dream of a better tomorrow, change society and reform our surroundings.

A vision is great in the hand of a visionary . We are all bless with vision and should strive to develop such. You might be mistaken to believe that vision is only limited to people with physical sight  but it is not; there are people with physical sight who have not yet discovered that inner sense of seeing but are bless a with twenty, twenty vision.

Vision is more than seeing in the natural; it is that sense of seeing things in the future with your inner spirit. The Bible says “without a vision the people perish.” Without a sense of inner consciousness we fail to achieve much and our gold to a greater destiny might be out of reach.

Without visionaries the world would be missing a vital essence which helps to create a beautiful blend and the mixture of cultures to this dynamic creation. Because of visionaries we are making tremendous strides in research, science and technology. The world has come a long way in its advancement, shaping us into a more compact and impactful community.

Visionaries are individuals’ men and women with vision! These are the folks who make things happen. They look deep within themselves and dare to dream. However without the push for advancement and accomplishment, these visions would not be transformed into reality. The world must continue to reach out in support of visionaries in their research that would help to bring the visions and dreams into manifestation and future accomplishments.

As we can see it is because of the great accomplishment of visionaries we enjoy the things we take for granted. Just in-case there are questions, I would like to ask myself to describe a vision or a visionary. A visionary is one who can envision the future. They see things beyond the present state of being. They have an inner vision of things to come. A vision is a clear distinctive and specific vision of the future. It is to have foresight or imagination.

I know that this is a big topic and one that I cannot cover here and now. Why not join the conversation and share your opinion on this topic and let the conversation begin! If you have a vision you can become a great visionary!!